Body Customisation

At Motory Autobody we have a highly trained team to take your vision of your exotic vehicle and turn it into a reality. Whether it be custom wraps, body kits, full vehicle colour changes, black outs & chrome deletes, window tinting, alloy wheel painting and much more.

From something as small as doing stripes or lines to a full Liberty walk kit on your Exotic car, give Motory Autobody a call today .

Vinyl Wrapping & Paint Protection Film

As a specialist vehicle vinyl wrapper in Melbourne, we’ve got the knowledge to ensure installs of the highest quality, using the world’s premium vinyl materials and application techniques. Our technicians have the highest training qualifications and certifications from the world’s best Vinyl & PPF film companies. Our team is trained to install brands such as 3M, Llumar, SunTek, Hexis, Avery Dennison, Stek, Arlon and many more.

At Motory Autobody we can do custom wraps, digital prints, striping and much more. The limit to vinyl is how far your imagination can take it. Call us today to discuss your options.

We also offer Paint Protection Film. PPF Film is a thermoplastic Urethane applied to the painted surfaces of a car to protect it from stone chips, marking, bugs and minor scratches. Some films are self-healing, meaning they regenerate when heat is applied to them. This can be great for scratches caused by bad washing techniques, extra love, or minor abrasions.

Why Choose Motory Autobody to apply Vinyl & Paint Protection Film to your Supercar?

  • Certified Staff − We’re very good at applying PPF, in fact our technicians have Platinum Certification from the best PPF and Vinyl Brands in the world, putting us in the top 1% of applicators, worldwide.
  • State-of-the-art Facilities – Our temperature controlled, and dust-controlled Application rooms, enable the perfect conditions for a Paint Protection Film or Vinyl Wrap Install.
  • PPF Plotter – We have a Paint Protection Film precision cutter, which enables us to cut films to match panel and accessory sizes precisely, without having to cut the film on the car itself (no blades near your car .
  • Latest Digital Print Machine – Want to get a new crazy designed print on your car, or would like to show off your brand on your Luxury or Supercar? We can design and print basically anything. Call us today.

Prestige & Luxury Car Window Tinting

  • Trust the experts at Motory to apply the best window tinting films to your pride and joy. With the growing risks from exposure to UV light, it is now time to act against these harmful rays. A premium window tinting film will not only enhance the look of your vehicle but provide you and your family with long lasting protection.
  • Having tinted some of the rarest vintage cars to the latest supercars, you can rest assured we have the knowledge to ensure a perfect install on your vehicle. All our window tinting is performed into our dust-controlled environment application rooms, giving us consistent and Grade A results every time.
  • Our latest plotting machine allows for sub-millimetre precision when cutting window tint film prior to application. This ensures there is no cutting on your vehicles glass, avoiding costly mistakes.

Call us today to discuss our premium window tinting films.

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